FIAMO Math Trainer

This ground breaking education tool is developed with input from school teachers and involves children in math practice through an enjoyable instant feedback.

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Scientific calculator FIAMO ECO 30

Environmentally friendly, solar-powered calculator with an extra large LCD display. With 138 built-in functions, it will meet the requirements of secondary and most tertiary education levels.

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Educational line

FIAMO educational tools are primarily intended for those who would like to improve and train their basic mathematics skills, memory and logic. Both Math Professor and Math Trainer are designed specifically to aid children 5 years and older in exploring basic maths.

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Scientific line

Perfect for school, university and work use. FIAMO range of scientific calculators performs up to 240 sophisticated scientific and statistical functions. With slim, lightweight designs, they offer a simple solution to complex problems. Models come with a practical hard cover.

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About Fiamo

Fiamo brand reflects the innovation and market trends and focuses on product development for science and education. Fiamo is a partner brand of Rebell brand and both are owned by MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o., which is engaged in the development and production of calculators since 1988.

The company quickly established itself successfully on the German and European market due to offering a quality calculators for reasonable prices. Our goal is to offer the highest quality in accordance with German standards at the best possible price. This effort is reflected in all brand products Fiamo and Rebell. An attempt to impose environmental standards in production were completed on 25th anniversary of the company. All products of Rebell brand, incl. packaging and instructions for use are now made from recycled materials.

Products of Fiamo and Rebell brands are available in 27 European countries.

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