Scientific line

  • Perfect for school, university and work use
  • Up to 240 sophisticated scientific and statistical functions
  • Models come with a practical hard cover
  • FIAMO calculators are made ​​from recycled plastic and environmentally friendly

FIAMO ECO 30: Combines an attractive design with advanced features

Environmentally friendly, solar-powered calculator with an extra-large LCD display. Comes with a slide-on protective hard case to protect the calculator when not in use. With 138 built-in functions, it will meet the requirements of secondary and most tertiary education levels.

The FIAMO ECO 30 is especially suitable for general math, algebra, trigonometry and statistics. For the ease of learning of mathematics, the special features of Natural Depiction of Fraction and Division with Remainder are included.

Natural Depiction of Fraction
This feature makes it easier to read the fractions on screen.

Division with Remainder
Unique function shows quotient and remainder (R) in whole number division.

Comparison table
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FIAMO SC20: Ideal for Math and Science students

Eco-friendly solar cell assisted calculator with large easy to read 2-line LCD display is convenient for secondary school classes and general mathematics and science users. Solve math and science problems efficiently using 240 built-in functions.

FIAMO SC20 is ideal for algebra, trigonometry, statistics and probability calculations. Moreover, the ergonomically-designed protective slide-on hard cover provides extra protection on your investment.

Comparison table
Click on the image to view the comparison of FIAMO SC20 with other scientific calculators.