Financial line

  • FIAMO ABA10 makes it easy to solve business, financial, statistical, and math calculations accurately and quickly.
  • A smart choice for students and professionals.
  • 120 built-in functions at a price that everyone can afford.
  • Algebraic entry system with two useful modes.

FIAMO ABA10: Advanced Business AnalystTM

A user friendly advanced financial calculator for students and professionals in Finance, Accounting, Real estate, Banking, Investment, Statistics, and any who wished to take charge of their own finances.

The FIAMO ABA10 operates in standard calculator and worksheet modes. The standard mode lets you perform common math and trigonometric functions as well as functions involving TVM – mortgages, savings, or annuities in which payments are equal and evenly spaced. The FIAMO ABA10 worksheet mode includes tables for amortization, cash flow, bonds, statistics, depreciation, percentages, margin, mark-up, compound interest, and more.

The FIAMO ABA10 comes with hard slide-on case and  finger friendly designed keypad, with 150g key-force and backspace key for easy error corrections.

Download the ABA10 emulator